Container Transportation

"Trans Logistic" Company has an exclusive experience in area of international container cargo transportation from China, the USA, Canada and other countries in any place of the Russian Federation using marine, railway and motor transport.

Now, container transportation is the most technical and profitable area if transport business. And it isn't on a chance basis, as unlike other methods of cargo delivery, it is safe, convenient, and fast, that plays an important role in the modern world, where each minute is worth its weight in gold. Today, it is insufficient to have just a responsible carrier providing qualitative services in area of cargo transportation, but it is important that a firm guarantees a high level of services for clients in conjunctions with minimum terms for execution of an order and provides the whole package of services for cargo delivery and customs escort.

Fundamentals of the modern business are based on the principal: "You snooze, you lose." If you are late today, somebody, who is more persevering and knowing true value of own time, as well as value of other people time, will step into your shoes tomorrow.

Choice of a forwarding company that perform the whole scope of activities in due time is a very serious thing. As a matter of fact, transport logistics in the world of cargo transportation is a real science, that's why you should trust proved companies in this area, which professional activity had already confirmed their high qualification. A clear-sighted businessman will take into account all possible anxieties that can be appeared during transportation and will make adequate choice in favor of experienced and recommended experts.

Specialization of "Trans Logistic" company is a wide range of services for arrangement of container cargo transportation. Operational efficiency in execution of order, great experience in area of cargo transportation, reasonable price and qualification of each employee of our company separate us advisably from other logistic companies. While execution of an order, you may inquire coordinates of your cargo location.

"Trans Logistic" company developed a package of services that allowed not only optimization of costs for transportation of your cargo, but also saving of your precious time. Our proposal includes logistic services and container transportation according to "door-to-door" delivery system.

You may not worry about delivery or obtaining of cargo at place of consignment with "Trans Logistic". Out experts will do everything. Employees of our company will keep you informed about all events, and, upon request, will submit you comprehensive information on movement route, location of your cargo, date of its shipment and delivery.

Order container transportation in "Trans Logistic" and be sure in tomorrow!

You shouldn't worry about delivery of cargo at railway terminal or port, its obtaining at place of arrival or delivery of your cargo at final destination. Experts of our company will engage in these works. Only thing that we require from you is the indication of cargo that we should take, place, where we can take this, and place, where it should be delivered, and we will be responsible for the fact that your containers are delivered in due time and to a place indicated by you. Call us, and you always will be the first!

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