Cargo Transportation from Europe

"Trans Logistic" company performs cargo transportation from Europe, both groupage and container cargo. Availability of consolidation warehouses in Europe and China makes our company possible to perform the whole range of services for cargo transportation from Europe in the Russian Federation. "Trans Logistic" company has obtained long-term a-contacts in Europe for the period of presence at the market of logistic services that makes us possible to perform delivery of groupage cargo from Europe quickly and qualitatively on advantageous terms for our client.

Cargo Delivery from Europe

We perform cargo transportation from Europe from a consignor to recipient being responsible for all intermediate links of this not simple chain and solving a number of difficult problems during the delivery that provide safety of cargo and its delivery in strictly specified terms. Responsible care to performance of cargo transportation, skills and experience allows us to perform shipping services and delivery of cargo qualitatively. We strain every sinew to satisfy our clients and to make them willing to use our services again.

Equally important component of international cargo transportation is the correct execution of accompanying documents.

All cargo from Europe delivered at the territory of the Russian Federation are subjected to compulsive custom declaring. Our company will assist you to execute certificates and prepare all documents required for a procedure of customs clearance of cargo.

Use of consolidation warehouses in Germany and Italy makes us possible to provide the whole range of services for cargo transportation from Europe. We have an opportunity to contact with a consignor directly in any place of the world and to solve all problems regarding shipping and dispatch of goods promptly due to the extensive network of our partners.
You can deliver groupage cargo to our consolidation warehouse independently, as well as using services of our partners in Europe.

Groupage Cargo from Europe

We provide timely and qualitative delivery of groupage cargo with motor transport from Europe, and, finally, a client will obtain goods in just minimum term and for minimum cost. We achieve minimum terms of transport movement and quick custom processing of cargo at the territory of the Russian Federation due to tried and well-coordinated work of our employees and partners at the whole supply route of cargo. We are responsible for all transport-expediting operations during delivery of groupage cargo from our consolidation warehouse in Germany. These operations include:

  • taking of your cargo from any place of Europe and its delivery at our warehouse
  • operations for preparation of cargo for transportation (marking, packing, and rearrangement)
  • loading of cargo at a transport facility - calculations and execution of transport documentation
  • keeping of cargo following - performance of customs formalities
  • delivery of cargo from a warehouse in Moscow and the Moscow Region
  • information services

We solve all Client's problems regarding delivery and custom processing of cargo due to provision of the full package of logistic services that, in turn, provides a possibility for a client to perform core business.

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