About us

Trans Logistic LLC is a successfully developing freight forwarding company that takes into account market needs and is always ready to make advances for its clients widening and updating the range of provided services. Our Company operates under the principal that takes into account all changes and movements in the transportation area. The Company approved itself to be a credible partner in the international cargo transportation area due to a wealth of experience in the international transportation of groupage cargo and container cargo, as well as high proficiency of our experts.

Trans Logistic Company is specialized in all-inclusive service of clients, and we are happy to propose a wide range of services that includes house/house cargo delivery, container transportation, international truck haulage, delivery of groupage cargo Certification Europe, China, the USA, etc., consolidation of freights, custom services, and cargo insurance.

Why Trans Logistic is the unique choice?

  • More than 15 year at the market

    Trans Logistic LLC was formed as a result of the rearrangement and it is a successor of the Company that had been existed in the market of logistics services since 1994. We gained a precious experience for this period that enables our Company to provide qualitative and professional services in international cargo transportation and custom processing area

  • Wide range of services

    Trans Logistic Company provides all services for custom processing of imported cargo. Our employees will prepare a necessary package of documents for customs clearance and obtain certificates, if necessary. Also, we provide services of forwarding to your storage facility, as well as services of cargo insurance.

  • Moneysaving

    Availability of strong business relations with a number of transport and forwarding firms of Russia, Byelorussia, Turkey, and Europe that are our partners for many years, enables the Company to obtain prices lower than a mean offer of the most of transport companies in the Moscow Region. Due to this fact, cost of cargo transportation and services of cargo delivery is significantly reduced.

  • Minimum delivery period

    Timely cargo delivery as intended is a critical part of the business, thats why we permanently improve our service in the transport logistics area. Solid professional experience and knowledge about market enable Company to provide minimum delivery period for reasonable costs.

  • Individual attention

    We understand how timely delivery of cargo for minimum period and reasonable costs is important for our clients, so we pay an individual attention to each client. Our employees will review and form an optimum variant for the transportation of your cargo according to the customs legislation after you seek assistance of the Company

  • Highly skilled experts

    Managers-logisticians will review and form an optimum variant for the transportation of your cargo, taking into account all clients requirements and requests, according to the customs legislation of countries involved in the international cargo transportation, for the minimum term, as well as help you to get over language barrier, prepare fright associated documents, and manage the transportation in a professional manner.

    We invite you to visit our office, where you take opinions as to the issues on international transportation of groupage and container cargo from European countries, China, Turkey, the USA, and other countries, as well as issues on air transport and rail transport, consolidation of cargo, customs clearance, insurance and forwarding of cargo.

    Trans Logistic Company enables clients to focus on own business and they dont spend precious time. We appreciate each client with whom we have the honor to cooperate.