Groupage Cargo

"Trans Logistic" company performs cargo transportation with motor, marine, air and railway transport.

Delivery of groupage cargo is a special type of cargo transportation, which requires for specific professional knowledge and experience.

Groupage cargo is small batches of cargo that are delivered by one transport at a specified route and on the systematic basis. Frequently, there is a need in transportation of exactly small batches of cargo. However, it is unprofitable to order a separate transport for groupage cargo transportation due to high price. In order to minimize costs for delivery, groupage cargo is packaged in one motor vehicle. Thus, a client should pay only for a place in a transport.

Specification of groupage cargo transportation is the fact that several freights from different consignors are transported simultaneously in one transport, so, significant cost cutting takes place. A transportation customer pays only a part of costs, other costs are paid by other clients of a shipping company.

"Trans Logistic" company would like to propose you a cost effective method of groupage cargo delivery in Russia. It is very convenient and exceedingly profitable method, if your company should perform urgent delivery of one or several sets of goods. A special ordering of bulky road-train does not make economic sense only for this aim.

Availability for warehouses in Germany, Italy, and China allows us to perform cargo consolidation and preparation for the following transportation. Thus, our company provides full package of services of groupage cargo delivery:

  • Taking of cargo from a consignor
  • Handling operations
  • Warehousing
  • marking, sorting and accounting
  • Insurance
  • Cargo delivery to a consignee
  • Customs services

You can deliver groupage cargo to our consolidation warehouse independently, as well as using services of our partners in Europe.

Immediate shipping, fast guaranteed delivery, optimum level of taxation and comparatively low costs are the main advantages of groupage cargo delivery. However, unforeseen situations may appear here: cargo can be lost, it can be incorrectly placed during shipping or placed without compliance with hygienic requirements. That's why it is very important to contact with professionals, who approved themselves as responsible partners at the market of logistic services. High quality service, optimum application of capacity and responsible approach to any stage of work are principles of the modern business that make "Trans Logistic" company to be an unconditional leader of the transport market.

Our company, "Trans Logistic", gained the character of a responsible carrier and partner for more than ten years of our presence at the market of international cargo transportation. We obtained an exclusive experience in area of groupage cargo transportation from Europe, China, the USA and other countries. We are ready to transport your cargo, excepting goods that are prohibited for delivery in the Russian Federation, as well as hazardous cargo.

Also, we would like to propose services of door-to-door delivery of groupage cargo for our clients. We have an opportunity to contact with a consignor directly in any place of the world and to solve all problems regarding shipping and dispatch of goods promptly due to the extensive network of companies of our partners.

Ordering service of groupage cargo delivery in "Trans Logistic" company, you'll obtain your cargo in its entirety and good condition and in strictly specified terms.

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