Foreign Economic Activity Services

At this time, role of foreign economic activity in the development, if the country becomes more significant. Especially, it concerns international trade. Now, circumstance, when it is profitable to purchase number of goods in another country than set up native production due to different reasons, are appeared. Share of imported goods grows in the Russian market each year. More businessmen successfully set up delivery of foreign goods in Russia. However, some of them are stopped by possible difficulties necessarily appeared during international cooperation.

Really, foreign economic activity connected with international transportations is the whole package of services of cargo delivery and execution of different documents. First of all, it is connected with customs clearance of cargo imported in the territory of the country that requires for the best knowledge of Russian law, as well as foreign.

Not every company has a possibility to form the foreign economic activity department, that's why contact with a company providing foreign economic activity services is the most reasonable solution in this situation. Even people, who know about process of importing and customs clearance, are made difficult understand many issues in comparison with an expert.

"Trans Logistic" company can assist you in delivery and customs clearance of your cargo and in delivery of groupage cargo from Europe, as well as to provide consulting assistance in issues of foreign economic activity. Work experience gained by our experts allows you to save time for individual investigation of issues of customs legislation and costs for involvement of in-house specialists.