Cargo Transportation from Italy

Our country is connected with Italy by economic relationship. In this case, not only states are connected, but also numerous business entities. That's why cargo transportation from Italy is one of the most popular services provided by our company. Delivery of groupage cargo from Italy is one of the principal tasks of our company. "Trans Logistic" company provides services for cargo transportation from Italy. We propose you reliable and safe transportation services. You can reckon on accurate and timely delivery of any groupage cargo while choosing cargo transportation from Italy with "Trans Logistic" company.

Groupage Cargo from Italy

We have wide experience in area of delivery of groupage cargo from European countries, and, also, we have consolidation warehouses in Italy that significantly improves our work and allows making attractive price of cargo transportation services for our clients. Cargo transportation in Russia from Italy is performed by different transportation mode - motor, railway, and air transport.

In addition to the delivery, we provide the full package of services for customs clearance of cargo, in other words, for performance of all necessary formalities.

Additional information on delivery of groupage cargo from Italy
Delivery of groupage cargo from Italy