Cargo Insurance during International Transportation

Always there is a risk of cargo damage or loss during cargo transportation, especially during international transportation and groupage cargo transportation. That's why insurance is very important as a way to prevent possible loss.

Certainly, you can always save costs rejecting cargo insurance, but it isn't the most reasonable decision. As a matter of fact, you give insignificant amount, but covering of expenses in case of cargo damage is significantly more amount.

We are serious about our obligations regarding cargo delivery, that's why we are ready to propose you our assistance in cargo insurance according to the following schemes:

Responsibility for all risks

This scheme is the fullest protection of cargo transported by motor, air, railway and marine transport.

Loss caused by damage or total destruction of all or part of groupage cargo is compensated according this scheme, as this loss was resulted by:

  • fire, lightning, storm, earthquake, flood and other natural disasters
  • accidents with vehicles, crash/collision of vehicles
  • explosion, failure to deliver cargo or cargo missing
  • illegal acts of third persons including cargo stealing

Responsibility for particular average

According to this scheme, insurance compensates loss caused by damage or full destruction of all or part of cargo as a result of vessel missing, losses, costs and payments for general average due to necessary and reasonable paid costs for saving cargo, as well as for reduction of loss and identification of its amount, if loss is compensated under insurance conditions.

Without responsibility for damage, excepting accidents

This insurance scheme is similar to previous one with only difference that loss caused by full destruction of all or part of transported cargo is subjected to compensation, and loss caused by cargo damage is compensated only in case, of accident or crash of vessels, turn turtle, stranding, fire or explosion on board.

According to insurance contract, cargo transported by motor, marine and railway transport during international transportation can be insured regardless of type - package, bulk, loose and groupage cargo, cargo transported in containers and at uncovered platforms.

List of possible risks can be expanded at the customer's discretion.

Contacting with our company, you'll obtained advisory services for selection of an insurance product that meets your requirements to protection of transported cargo.