Consulting Services

Many shades concerning transportation, warehousing and customs processing should be taken into account during delivery of cargo from Europe to Russia. It can be a serious problem for a company, which didn't face with cargo importing. Many issues on delivery and customs processing, import license, certificates and other approval documents are raised.

The most reasonable solution is to contact with company, which expertly performs international transportation and provides the full package of services of customs processing.

If you prefer to perform cargo delivery using your own resources, it is better to obtain advisory services and document support from experts with long-term experience in area of international transportation than to try execute all necessary documents all alone risking to make an error and to lose time. Specification of customs documents is such that cargo isn't allowed in the territory of a country with the smallest inaccuracy that results down time causing significant amounts of forfeit and failure to deliver on time. In this case, experts of our company can provide consulting services, as well as to execute necessary documents for customs clearance quickly, qualitatively and in terms.

"Trans Logistic" LLC provides following services in area of international transportation and customs clearance:

  • Calculation of optimum route during motor, air, marine, and multimode transportation, costs and terms of cargo delivery from a consignor's warehouse in Europe, the USA, Asia to consignee's doors inclusive, as well as costs for warehouse services and customs clearance services;
  • If you transport your cargo independently, we'll suggest you the best route and methods for its delivery.

  • Translation of associated documents, safety sheers, requests and negotiations, as well as commercial correspondence with partners into their language;
  • Our experts can not only speak foreign languages, but also know well subject vocabulary that is very importation for the translation of foreign language documents and successful conduct of negotiations with foreign partners.

  • Assistance for obtaining of approval documents (certification);
  • We can execute a certificate of required types for your products taking into account all customs requirements.

  • Check of availability of copyright on goods and limitations, as well as check of necessity of executing approval documents;
  • If you aren't sure whether your cargo is permitted for import in the territory of the Russian Federation we can provide correct information on this issue.

  • Classification of goods according to the Foreign Economic Activity Commodity Classification;
  • A required action during execution of documents and certificates for customs clearance of cargo.

  • Calculation of customs payments and execution of specifications for customs authorities;
  • If you transport your cargo independently and don't know procedure of customs clearance of cargo, our company will help you to perform customs clearance successfully.

  • Consulting regarding issues of European transportations;
  • "Trans Logistic" LLC doesn't perform European transportations but we can advise you a company that can help you exactly with your case.

  • Consulting regarding issues of cargo insurance, and insurance types and methods during international transportation;

Our experts will explain whether there is a sense for cargo insurance exactly in your case and what risks are the most probable during transportation.