During performance of international cargo transportation customs clearance of cargo is especially important. "Trans Logistic" company provides a package of services of declaration, customs processing and customs clearance of goods.

During transportation of some types of cargo, frequently, difficulties with customs clearance are appeared. If you need to deliver cargo urgently or you need for representation of your company in customs authority, it isn't simple to solve number of customs problems independently without necessary legal knowledge. And, firs of all, you will require for time, which is always insufficient in the business, unfortunately.

"Trans Logistic" company will become your partner and right hand in an area of customs services. Our experts will be responsible for all activities for performance and forwarding of any type of cargo transportation and execution of all necessary documents. We provide the full package of services and maximum convenience performing toil and troublesome work instead of you.

Our company is ready to propose you following customs services:

  • Preliminary calculation of custom dues.
  • Analysis of documents necessary for customs clearance.
  • Execution of Cargo Customs Declaration (CCD), Customs Value Declaration (CVD), and customs value corrections (CVC).
  • Definition of the Foreign Economic Activity Commodity Classification codes.
  • Execution of certificates and other agreements and approvals.

Our employees will be responsible for all your troubles regarding customs authorities, pick up codes of the Foreign Economic Activity Commodity Classification for your cargo and prepare bill of entry, and qualified experts of the customs clearance department will provide the fastest performance of customs clearance procedure and cargo release for the least costs and terms.

List of customs services provided by our company includes solution of all issues on customs clearance, execution of a package of documents required for cargo transportation across the border, definition of codes of goods according to the Foreign Economic Activity Commodity Classification of the Russian Federation and many other things. Highly experienced experts of "Trans Logistic" will inform you on types and rates of customs dues for cargo and transport and consult you regarding customs value of goods.

After execution of a base package of documents, we'll perform cargo delivery. We perform cargo preparation for delivery and its direct transportation, forwarding, consolidation and door-to-door delivery.

Our company cooperates with the largest customs brokers in the whole territory of the Russian Federation.

Actually all groups of cargo from a list of certified goods, excepting those prohibited for import/export in the territory of the Russian Federation, are included in a list of cargo transported and processed by us. An untarnished reputation of "Trans Logistic" confirms that our clients fully entrust us to perform customs services, and we provide maximum convenience for you, while executing documents on delivery.

Customs services provided by "Trans Logistic" is the work guaranteeing success!

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