Our Company has several consolidation stores in Europe. Consolidation store are very convenient, if international transportation of small cargo is necessary. If you need to transport a small batch of freight, you will not bear expenses as an individual sender. Cargo transferred at a store is stored in this store until joining with other batches, and then it is transported as groupage cargo in Russia.

e have consolidation stores in Europe. There is one sore near Berlin and another consolidation store near Milan – so, we can collect cargo from the whole Europe and consolidate it at one of stores for following transportation as a whole.

We have two stores in Istanbul for cargo from Turkey: one is located near an airport for consolidation and processing of cargo for further transportation with air transport, and another in the center for more convenient use of road transport.

All stores are well protected, and they are equipped with necessary up-to-date equipment for loading, unloading and accounting of cargo.

Cargo transportation system includes following stages:
Your cargo is transferred to a consolidation store, where it is properly processed, then, this cargo is stored for some time in order to join it with other batches, then, formed batches are transported in Russia, where they are got customs clearance and registered as import, and then goods are transported to your store.