Air Delivery from Any Place of the World

Air delivery is the most fast and safe variant of delivery of different cargo in a desired point of destination worldwide. Plane isn't only the fastest, but also the safest transport at this time that contributes to the great demand for delivery of such cargo as flowers, medicines, complex electronics, as well as number of expensive or perishable cargo. That's why delivery with air transport to another continent and for long distances is the most optimum variant for those, who want cargo delivered for minimum period of time.

You should choose cargo delivery by air transport in case, when terms for cargo delivery and safety of transportation are fundamentally important, as well as during intercontinental delivery, when motor transportation and railway transportation is impossible in principle. First of all, it relates to cargo delivery in Russia from such countries as the USA, Canada or delivery from such countries as the Great Britain, Ireland and other island country Cargo delivery by plain from Turkey and countries of distant Asia is also important. Certainly, China relates to these countries. Most of cargo delivered from China comes to a final receiver with marine container transportation. But if you want to deliver a small batch of cargo from China, it is better to use air delivery. We can propose the following services

"Trans Logistic" company provides services of air delivery of actually all types of cargo - starting from consumer goods to industrial goods. We'll deliver any cargo by air transport from any place of the world, it isn't dangerous and if its delivery at the territory of a state isn't forbidden by law. We perform air delivery of cargo from Europe, as well as from countries of Asia and America.

Air delivery of cargo with "Trans Logistic" company means fair price, high safety and strict observance of indicated terms. We'll perform air delivery from Sheremetyevo and Domodedovo air ports in any required places of the world. In addition, our experts perform custom processing of cargo and its insurance before air delivery.