Cargo Forwarding

"Trans Logistic" company provides the full package of cargo forwarding services, as well as many other services, such as: customs services, insurance, door-to-door delivery of cargo and container transportation.

What is forwarding agent's work?

Let's start from the fact that it begins long before cargo shipping. First of all, a forwarding agent should prepare cargo for delivery. It means control of appropriate packing, cargo marking, rigging services, shipping and correct placing of cargo in a car body that guarantees its preservation, as well as security, provision of qualitative rehandling at the route, if necessary, logistic services and many other operations different as to their complexity and labor intensity.

"Trans Logistic" LLC provides the most efficient methods of cargo transportation. Our company provides cargo forwarding services preparing cost-effective delivery scheme and applying intermodal transportation methods that provide use of different types of transport. Such organizational approach of cargo transportation allows using marine, air, railway and motor transport applying logistic schemes of cargo transportation and delivery directly to a place of destination with one bill of lading - a general transportation document.

"Trans Logistic" company monitors cargo, in other words, control cargo for the whole route and solves all problems concerning cargo during its transportation providing the huge package of services of qualitative cargo transportation in such way. A professional forwarding agent executes all necessary documents required for cargo transportation. Agent's tasks include urgent cargo delivery as quickly as possible and constant forwarding of cargo.

"Trans Logistic" was able to establish procedure of cargo delivery and forwarding competently for years of its operation at the market of international cargo transportation. Correct selection and training of personnel provide high level preservation of cargo, risk reduction in case of force-majeure circumstances and emergencies and reliability improvement for cargo transportation as a whole.

Convenience in ordering of cargo forwarding services in our company is obvious for a client.

"Trans Logistic" company also delivers cargo door-to-door. We'll take charge of your cargo and provide services of its customs clearing.

You shouldn't rack your brains in order to decide how you can perform transportation better, provide cargo preservation during transportation and control its handling and route. Finally, you can significantly save your money. An each Client knows better this fact, while entering into agreement of forwarding services with our company.