International Transportation

"Trans Logistic" company provides wide range of services, such as: transportation of groupage and container cargo, door-to-door delivery, cargo consolidations and customs services.

International cargo transportation is the main area of business of our company. We perform transportation with motor, marine, railway and air transport. Motor transport is cost-effective for cargo from Europe.

International cargo transportation has been appeared at the turn of formation of first states. At that time, main mean for cargo delivery was baggage animals (camels, donkeys and horses) and underdeveloped water transport, which were combined in large groups - caravans. As detailed base maps and elaborated navigation system were absent, caravans often strayed or were captured. At that date, nobody could guarantee safety of cargo and observance of delivery date.

Now, international cargo transportation is developed and profitable business, and many companies worldwide carry on this business. However, care should be taken during selection of a forwarding company, as there a many risks nowadays during cargo transportation.

"Trans Logistic" company provides the most efficient methods of cargo transportation. We carefully think over the process in order to perform transportation of your cargo safely and qualitatively. Our works begins long before cargo delivery. We provide services for preparation of cargo for delivery, perform cargo delivery, control it during transmitting, execute all necessary documents, and follow up cargo during the customs clearance.

Geography of international cargo transportation performed by us include different countries of the world, for example: China, countries of Central Asia, the USA, and European countries: Germany, France, Italy, Austria, Holland, Belgium, Finland, Poland and many other countries.

Due to our long experience in area of international cargo transportation, we could patch up partnership relations with many foreign logistic operators that allow us to provide services of cargo transportation at high level and to obtain prices lower than a middle level in the Moscow Region.

Cooperation with leading carrier-companies of Russia, Belarus and Baltic states allows us to perform contractual obligation providing large scope of cargo transportation at high level.

Our company performs also international "door-to-door" transportation.

Ordering international cargo transportation in "Trans Logistic" company you free yourself from superfluous commissions regarding customs processing of cargo and obtain guaranteed timely delivery of cargo for minimum possible price.

International cargo transportation with "Trans Logistic is a serious and mutually beneficial cooperation.