International cargo transportation is the principal area of business activity of our Company

Trans Logistic Company performs transportation with mechanical, overseas, rail, and air transport. The most effective transport for cargo from Europe is motor transport. It has such undeniable advantages as quickness of cargo delivery, clear personification of responsibility for each specific cargo, and possibility for high level of control over state and location of transport during the cargo transportation.

Also, delivery of cargo from China is a large segment. We actively develop partnership relations in China and work for optimization of expenses and for development of new routes in this direction. The most effective are oversea and rail ways for cargo delivery in this direction.

Trans Logistic Company provides all-inclusive service for cargo delivery and following custom processing:

  • Taking of cargo from a sender
  • Transit to our store in Europe with air and overseas transport in case of delivery of groupage cargo
  • Cargo consolidation
  • Cargo insurance
  • Certification
  • Cargo delivery at a customs terminal in the Russian Federation
  • Customs clearance

Geography of our motor transportation includes different countries of the world, for example: Germany, France, Italy, Austria, Holland, Belgium, Finland, Poland, and many other countries. All vehicles are equipped with mobile communication means in order to provide safe and stable operation. All vehicles have CMR-insurance, Green Card insurance, and Auto-Casco insurance.

Cooperation with leading transportation companies in Russia, Byelorussia and Baltic states enables us to provide services of cargo transportation at a high level and to obtain prices lower than an average level at the Moscow Region. Being more than ten years at the market of international cargo transportation, Trans Logistic Company Has obtained an exclusive experience in transportation of groupage cargo and container cargo, such as furniture, lamps, door hardware, automotive parts, processing equipment, home appliances , and other goods, from Europe, China and other countries

We are ready to transport any of your cargo, excepting goods forbidden for import in the Russian Federation, as well as dangerous cargo.

Use of consolidation stores in Europe enables us to provide comprehensive range of services of groupage cargo delivery from any place in the world for the minimum period. We have a possibility for direct contact with a sender in any place in the world and for decision of all issues on shipping and sending of goods immediately due to an extensive network of our partners. This significantly facilitates the work and prevent against unnecessary expenses regarding down time and other contingencies during cargo delivery.

Youll find a safe partner that aiming to achieve a mutually beneficial cooperation, if you choose our Company.

We dont put a powerful lot of money in advertising and promotion of our services. We would like that our clients recommend us to their friend and colleagues. We are on the right track, if our Client is pleased with our work!

We propose you to fill in ONLINE ORDER at out web-site or send us information on your cargo at our e-mail in order to calculate costs for cargo transportation.