Cargo Transportation from China

"Trans Logistic" company provides custom services and it is a freight forwarding company that has presented at the market of international cargo transportation for many years and proved itself to be a responsible partner.

Groupage Cargo from China

One of the areas of our company business is delivery and customs clearance of cargo from China, both groupage and container cargo. We perform cargo transportation from China and other countries of South-East Asia to the Russian Federation by air, marine, railway, and road transport. Work of our company is based on individual attention to each client. Our managers will review and form an optimum variant for delivery of your cargo as soon as possible and taking into account all Client's requirements and requests according to the customs legislation of countries involved in the international cargo transportation.

Chins is a developed industrial country, which still holds significant positions in the world. Delivery of groupage cargo from China is a large segment. We develop partnership relations in China actively, provide services for cargo consolidation in China (Guangzhou), optimize costs and develop new routes in this direction.

Delivery and Customs Clearance of Cargo from China

It should be noted that cargo turnover between Russia and China had been significantly increased for recent years. Many small and medium companies need for delivery and customs clearance of small volume cargo from China. Trans Logistic" company provides services for delivery of groupage cargo from any place of China to Russia. Our managers will develop optimum routes for delivery of your cargo, prepare effective delivery plan, involve all required types of transport, execute accompanying documents for cargo transportation and provide stocking service.

We'll take your cargo from a consignor in China and provide services for insurance, consolidation and customs clearance of cargo. Service package, which is called "customs clearance" in the vernacular, includes the whole range of official operations required for delivery of groupage cargo across the border. Such clearance of goods includes payment of custom duties, execution of necessary documents and other operations. Customs clearance of import is performed by customs or a special organization licensed for this activity. "Trans Logistic" company has wide experience in clearance of goods and other customs operations.

If you entrust your cargo to "Trans Logistic" company, you may rest assured that you obtain your cargo in apparent good order and condition and in strictly specified terms.

We perform the whole chain of logistic services, such as:

  • Cargo delivery
  • Cargo consolidation
  • Insurance
  • Certification
  • Door-to-door delivery
  • Custom processing and other custom services

We accurately arrange the whole process of cargo delivery in order to improve reliability of the transportation as a whole. Also, we are opened to dialogue and we are ready to review your requests and remarks. Trans Logistic is working for you and your business!

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